Quality is tested via the 3D-CMM measurement machines. An independent control section is in the habit of doing input, amid-operation and output controls. Company management is focused on a system of quality control. METALES, s.r.o has created the Quality Management System (QMS) according to the ISO 9001-2000, including the development with technical assurance of various processes and their resources.

Our company operates with the newest technologies and softwares, such as AutoCAD, Rhinoceros, AlphaCAM, Fanuc system and others.

Different measurement techniques :

  • Marsurf PS1 (a roughmeter)

  • Standard conventional instruments
    (calipers, micrometers, inside callipers, accurate gauges)

3D-CMM measuring machine UPMC 850 ultra - ZEISS

Ultra-high precision is achieved with a precision of 0,001mm

Technology :

Measurements in extreme ranges

  • CNC-controlled, high-precision measuring machine with bridge-type central drive for acceleration-free measuring and constant precision throughout the measuring range
  • servo drives for electronic monitoring of the drives and shearing force limitation in all axes

Foundation for maximum precision

  • fine CAA and S-CAA for guideway error correction and position-dependent bending correction
  • table plate bending compensation Machine Technology

Operating technology :

Scan technology for maximum precision measurement

  • active scan for high volume of data
  • automatic decisive tools, graphical user interface, and effective interface between user and measuring machine
  • immediate definition of scale, shape and position

Measuring Range
(in mm) 850 x 1150 x 600

Software :

CALYPSO CAD interactive software