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METALES, s.r.o was founded in 1993 and is located in the northern part of Slovakia. Since then, we are working in the manufacturing and steel processing branch and our company is concerned mainly with the middle and large capacity series-production. With our new progressive and high productive machines and technologies, we are able to design, construct and produce high-quality products.

Company management is focused on a system of quality control. METALES, s.r.o has created the Quality Management System (QMS) according to the ISO 9001-2000, including the development with technical assurance of various processes and their resources.

METALES, s.r.o production is orientated mostly pro-export, especially to the European Union countries. The gradually improved system insures that the approach towards customers and the duality of our products fulfil the rigorous
requirements not only of the European but also World markets and their legislations.

Basic production activities include :

  • Metal production and welding

Our company proceeds in the high accuracy machining of various types of steel, pressing, mechanichal working, sawing, bending of steel plates, profiles and bars. Mostly we work with plates in thicknes of 0,5mm-200mm , processing of L, U, T, I profiles, tubes and all types of metalworks (plasma cutting, shearing, pressing, folding, cold forming) and welding focused on the production of heavy-metal constructions such as arms, frames, carriages for agriculture, construction, mining and other machineries.

Moreover, METALES, s.r.o focuses on the production of connecting parts and elements for buildings, garden industry and semi-manufacture products. In order to provide a complete final product, we secure various types of surfacing, finishing and heat-processing (galvanising, hot-deep galvanising, powder-coating, painting, hardening, nitridation and so on.).

  • CNC precise machining

In this section, we concentrate on precise accurate machining of steel and aluminium alloies,castings and forgings,manufacturing of various types of profiles, pipes and bar. Moreover Metales s.r.o specialize in a serial production of high-quality components for machine industry, engineering,building indusry, heavy metal industry, projection and production of inject moulds for plastic and special products, then piece works and single-drawing prototypes all upon requests of our customers.

  • Measuring & Control

Our Company disposes the newest machining methods and technologies which are used in the overall production. Technical and developmental shop sectors are equipped with excellent software facilities (AutoCAD, Rhinoceros, AlphaCAM, Fanuc system). For measurement and inspenction control, we take the newest 3D - CMM machine ZEISS UPMC and other digitals, as well as conventional, regularly-calibrated measures and gauges.

  • Perspective

The main interest of METALES, s.r.o is to keep on finding new strategies in the machine and automobile industry. In doing so, we use our own programmes of account, calculation, stock holding and the standard Microsoft Office Pack. Our Company disposes skilled staff in management, logistics, projection, CNC programming, planning, calculation, packing, expedition etc. in connection with quality and flexibility. In order to sustain the position on the market, METALES, s.r.o constantly invests in new technologies, improves its production methods and our company also tries to increase the productivity of labour.

We have a keen interest in building long lasting and mutually beneficial relations with our customers. If you are interested in co-operation in this branch of industry , please, do not hasitate to contact us.